Thursday, October 7, 2010

wow! now that's a nice bulge.

Lycra mind control story

I wanted to share this story with my blog readers. I did not create it, it was originally posted to the Usenet group alt.lycra. I don’t know the author, but I think other lycra lovers will enjoy it.
Here is a fantasy of mine which I thought you might enjoy. It begins with a true story - or more of a once-in-a-lifetime vision.
My parents are known for their weekend trips to the swap meet - it was my dad who began the regular outings. While I was living at home, my sisters and I used to tag along, hoping to find some rare treasure for ourselves. One day, I found that treasure, though it could not be purchased.
It was a warm summer morning, perfect for being outdoors and perfect for sightseeing. On these kinds of days, people were usually wearing little as possible. I was strolling by myself, a little ahead of the rest of my family. I looked up and walking towards me was a man who looked like a vision from a work of erotica. He was obviously straight - his wife/girlfriend was on his arm. This is lucky for him, because I may have pounced otherwise. This man, let’s call him “Tom”, was the most beautiful of black men I have seen. He was about six foot two, and obviously worshiped his body, though he was not bulky like a body builder. Tom had rippling rolling muscles all over his body. I knew this because all he was wearing was a sleeveless T-shirt, very snugly, and orange lycra shorts - with nothing underneath. I still get an erection when I think about it. Tom’s member was easily five inches long - flaccid! His genitals were sweetly positioned to one side of the seam in his shorts, making a bulge along the inner side of his thigh. I could see the head of his penis defined ever so memorably through the skin tight fabric. He was displaying his jewels for the world to see in all their glory. My, oh, my. This is all true, my reader.
Well, this is where the fantasy begins. In my fantasy, I spot Tom a distance. He is interested in some merchandise that one of the vendors is selling. Standing profile his package extrudes defiantly from his pelvis.
His muscular legs stand poised, ready to sprint. As his weight shifts
from one leg to the other, the muscles ripple beneath the skin tight shorts. As he turns to walk towards me, I feel the warming in my loins.With every stride his cock and balls ride deliciously up and down his thigh, bound by the lycra. I feel I can’t control myself any longer.
Telekinesis is something I discovered around puberty. It is the ability to move objects by focusing energy from your mind. I can move objects without physically having to touch them. What is great about this, is that I can also “touch” people without actually being there. Through this energy I can even focus on the specific area being touched.
As Tom began walking towards me, I sent my energy right to the target. I imagined my tongue sliding from his balls to the tip of his cock. Tom twitched, and made a quick adjustment to his package. Again I focused on his member, this time starting with my lips at the head of his penis, and taking his whole member into my mouth. I pulled away slowly, tugging a little before I released the head. There was a bit of panic in Tom’s eyes, as he recognized that he was getting an erection, but did not understand why. His penis had easily grown to seven inches, the length of his member creeping down his inner thigh. His testicles began to draw upward, making a peach sized ball in his shorts.
This time I focused on this newly ripened fruit, taking both testes in my mouth and tonguing the underside of his shaft. By now Tom had stopped walking, and stepped over to another vendor, pulling his wife in front of him. This gave me a wonderful profile view. I admired the work I had done. Tom’s penis was now about nine inches long. pulling upwards on the fabric of his shorts, away from his leg. The lycra was stretched thin enough that I could see the veins of his member. The head was defined like the hood of a cobra. With my mind, I tugged at his shaft, stroking the head and massaging the balls simultaneously.
Much to my delight his hand flew to his stiffening penis, making another adjustment. The shaft slid around the front of his leg, then into an upright, very erect position. His member was now 11 inches, at least two inches in diameter. The head of his penis flared, reaching the waistband of the lycra shorts. Tom’s peach-sized testicles straddled the seam of the shorts. I continued tugging with my mind, my own erection now aggravated that is was bound in my jockey shorts. Tom was visibly uncomfortable, nervously shifting his weight from one leg to the other. The arch of his shaft stretched the lycra away from his pelvis and the head peeked above the elastic of the waistband. Tom pulled his wife backwards into him. Tom’s wife spun around, surprised by both his force and his hardness thrust into her back. I now had my mouth on his penis again, working violently up and down his shaft. Tom was scared, not knowing what was causing this feeling of great pleasure. He wanted to run, but the feeling was too great. Any movement now could cause him to spill his load.
He looked down to see the head of his penis rising from his shorts. With a brush of his hand he pushed his straining tool over to one side. Instantly, the pre-cum came to the head and made a transparent stain on his shorts. The feeling in his loins grew more intense. Tom was now sweating profusely, and dizziness took over. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Falling to his knees, Tom reached for his enraged member and pressed it to his abdomen. The pumping action continued and he gasped for air. Tom’s eyes rolled back in extreme pleasure as the juices rose for the inner depths of his loins. Tom thrust his pelvis forward as cum shot from his manhood, soaking the inside of the lycra shorts. The orange fabric became transparent as his fluids ran down abdomen. His pubic hair was dark beneath the fabric. The head of his penis pushed above the waistband again as a second fount of semen and sperm squirt into the air. I could feel the pre-cum now moistening the inside of my own skivvies, my erection hidden by the denim shorts I was wearing. Tom fell back, his massive chest heaving, as a final shot of cum spotted the front of his T-shirt like a cheap Pollock imitation.
As I turned to walk away, Tom’s wife fell to her knees at his side. A crowd began to gather. Some good Samaritan had thrown a blanket over Tom, treating him for heat exhaustion, and covering up the spoils. Another lovely day in paradise.

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